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    3. Japan PSE JET Rubber Cord

      Rubber Cable products with Japan PSE certifications.
      Japan PSE JET rubber cord HHFF
      Type Conductor Insulation Max.Conductor Resistance ohm/km/20 Min.Insulation Resistance Area[mm2] Construction [NO./mm] Diameter of Single[mm]Max Nomimal Thickness Untin Tin Mohm/km20?/td> [mm] HHFF 0.75 30/0.18 1 3.2x6.4±0.15 24.4 25.8 2 1.25 50/0.18 3.6x7.2±0.15 14.7 15.5 2 37/0.26 3.9x7.8±0.15 9.5 9.91 Other Termination Options: Click Here
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