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    3. IEC Power Cords Connector

      2 and 3 prong IEC power cords for literally every country in the world.  The pictures show the three styles of stocked power cords.  Simply select the desired receptacle (C7, C13 or C5) by clicking it's picture and all the various options will be found alphabetically by country.  We keep thousands of each style on hand of our stocked power cords. 

      Click here:IEC 60320 C5

      Click here:IEC 60320 C7

      Click here:IEC 60320 C13

      Click here:IEC 60320 C13(right angle)

      Click here:IEC 60320 C19

      Click here:IEC 60320 C14

      connector power cords
      We are the professional IEC 60320 Connector power cords manufacturer in China. We can produce IEC 60320 Connector power cords to your requirements.If you want get more types of IEC 60320 Connector power cords please contact us.
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