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    3. Power Cord,extension cords,iec ac power supply cords,ul cord sets,vde ce rohs pse jet bsi mains lead

      • About Power Cord Manufacturer

      • Ningbo Yunhuan Electronics Group CO.,LTD is one of the professional power cord manufacturer.Ages past, the certifications of UL, CUL, CSA, CEBEC, VDE, NF, BSI, IMQ, OVE, KC, N, CE, GS, PSE, SAA, FI, DEMKO, SEMKO, IRAM, SII, UC, KEMA, CCC, etc obtained.

        AC Power Cords,Extension Cords,Power Supply Cord

        Standard AC cords, NEMA power cords, IEC power cords, UL Hospital Grade power supply cords,cables and wires or Mains Leads, European power cord, we are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified as well as UL and ASTA registered. All products are RoHS and REACH compliant.Power cords can be fully customized with a switch, standard or custom strain relief, terminal, labels and any special preparation.

        To learn how we can help you solve your power cords and universal wheel requirements, contact us at sales@powercordchina.com.

      • Copyright?1997-2016 Ningbo Yunhuan Group Strong Power Electronics Corp
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